A vibrant, stimulating learning community is central to the mission and goals of the University of Georgia, and our work to uphold that ideal is continuous. To address contemporary issues faced by female students, faculty, and staff, the University developed this web portal and other resources to promote awareness and access to the wide range of services and programs available to women.

Women.uga.edu highlights women’s services, organizations, programs, and events across campus. It provides a hub for safety information, community support, and advocacy for women.

To further address and direct expressed issues and concerns related to women, the University has identified a central point of contact: Janice Davis Barham, associate dean of students and chair of the Women’s Resources Coordinating Committee.

Dr. Barham is supported in this role by campus partners Martha Davis, associate director for patient services at the University Health Center, and Karen Saunders, student ombudsperson in the Office of the Dean of Students.

Dr. Barham is available to meet or communicate directly with interested faculty, staff, and students. She can be reached at womenresource@uga.edu. Feel free to contact womenresource@uga.edu with any questions, issues, opportunities, events, or other ideas related to women’s resources.

To assess the effectiveness of women’s programs and services going forward, a campuswide Women’s Resources Coordinating Committee was established in 2014. As an advisory body to University administrators, this group considers campuswide feedback regarding women’s resources and recommends ways to enhance their organization and visibility at UGA.

Committee Members:
• Janice Davis Barham, associate dean of students (Chair)
• Kiz Adams, work/life balance coordinator
• Elizabeth Bailey, senior associate general counsel for the Office of Legal Affairs
• Michelle Garfield Cook, vice provost for diversity and inclusion and strategic university initiatives
• Martha Davis, associate director of patient services for the University Health Center
• Heather Gallivan, doctoral student in the department of anthropology, Franklin College
• Charisse Harper, administrative manager, Office of the Dean of Students
• Cecilia Herles, assistant director and undergraduate student advisor for the Institute for Women’s Studies, Franklin College
• Travis Jackson, senior director for the Human Resources Division
• Linda Lavender, investigator with the UGA Police Department
• Chad Mandala, director of the LGBT Resource Center
• Clare Norins, assistant director for the Equal Opportunity Office
• Norma Nuñez-Pacheco, senior coordinator for the Office of Multicultural Services and Programs
• Liz Prince, associate director of health promotion and the John Fontaine, Jr. Center for Alcohol Awareness and Education for the University Health Center
• Danielle Schwartz, master’s student in landscape architecture in the College of Environment and Design

We encourage you to help us publicize your programs and events by tagging your events with “Women’s Resources” in the University’s master calendar. If you have additional resources that you believe this site should include, please let us know.